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Neo Tech

December 7, 2017 by urmila m.  
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I have read The heirloom books of Mark Hamilton. I received book 1 for Neotech by Frank Wallaca who is his father I think he has mentioned. I understand that i have answered Neothink 3 times for the Heirloom books and it has promised that with reading the manuscript which i think is broken up into the three heirloom books that great things were to happen. That my health will become perfect and I will get money. Will it automatically happen like your letters said or do we apply the techniques in your books. Now I will try to apply your techniques but I don’t see how it can make me rich or tell the future or have perfect health. I understand that it may take sometime and that everyone’s including my situations are different and diverse. Thank you for the great ideas and I do love the first book the story of Miss Annebelle. It is really beautiful and shows us that all of us can live in prosperity together.

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