Friday, May 26, 2017

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 3 Meeting

Level 3

That was a very interesting meeting. I found out why I was selected and about the Child Zon of the past within that is yearning for more. The three puzzle pieces make sense when used together. Understanding the forces of nature and how it effects us is greatly important. I look forward to the C of U one day.  Read More →

Excited To Be Aboad!

Very excited to be aboard as I gain more and more insight into Mark Hamilton’s goal of obsoleting the disease of mysticism from human consciousness. Looking forward to being a part of moving this society forward in hopes we can all soon experience the C of U!  Read More →

Level 3 Int.

Hello MH and thank you again. I’m truly learning a lot so far. I remember where I read that I could be a part of a political movement or any important cause as my FNE. I feel that this is the direction I want to take. I do want to make lots of money but not to be selfish with. I pay a lot of attention to what goes on in the world and there’s... [Read more...]

zu Level 3 –ich wurde gefunden —

Lieber Herr Hamilton,lieber Mentor, als Ihr Brief damals kam(ich habe ihn noch),war ich glücklich.Geld und Liebe ist toll, aber,daß mich jemand ausgesucht hatte,mich–mich–,die die Menschen nicht unbedingt wollten.Ich war zu ehrlich,zu euphorisch und zu glücklich in mir selbst und dachte auch noch anders.Und Glück hatte ich auch immer.... [Read more...]


It is interesting to learn that your child of the past is a searcher. Although I do not remember much from my younger years, it somehow makes sense that I am a searcher.  Read More →


Im not sure what level im on. I done six the other day now looking at three i have’nt heard where the das ly site is $50 a month how do i find the site really good info thanks  Read More →

Exceleration C of U Happiness

Listening to the meetings again and again gives me great JOY and HAPPINESS I’m so proud of my self for even purchasing the very first book even though I did’nt have the money and that I didn’t give up on myself and I not listen to the nay sayers who couldn’t see my vision!!! Great meeting MH you are the best.  Read More →

Welcome to Your Level 3 Meeting Integrations.

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