Sunday, February 18, 2018

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 3 Meeting

Karen A

This meeting has clarified The Forces of Nature. The knowledge and understanding I receive through the Neothink Society amazes me. That knowledge equips me to see the world and people around me in such a new and integrated way. I am able to understand and see down to what is when it comes to ads, conversations, and speeches. The info on The Forces of... [Read more...]

Level 3 Meeting

Great meeting! I will review the information again and continue to learn and apply what is being taught. I look forward to having all the puzzle pieces come together in the near future. I am still working to put all of this together. I am not a businessman by profession. So much of what is being discussed and taught has crossed my mind in some fashion... [Read more...]

Understanding the “laws” we’re governed by.

I consider myself aware and conscious, more so than most people I know. I’ve always had an understanding of many , what I now call, bicameral tendencies and utilized this knowledge to make sense of not only my own but others actions and behaviors. Having that all spelled out in this lesson was an eye opener and just another stepping stone on my... [Read more...]

This was very helpful

Thanks so much for this i really enjoyed it.  Read More →

Level 3

M.H. I just finished with level 3 meeting’s. Couldn’t find my Friday Night essence. Until the other day, it just came to my mind. I received a call from Tulsa welding School. A company is doing a welding Test, if all goes well it could lead to my Friday Night essence. Plus my passion is welding I love it. So thank you Mark for helping me.... [Read more...]

Level 3 integration

Very nice! Thank you for that information. I really enjoyed this one, as it seemed to pull together a lot of pieces in one full sweep, i.e., real reason i’m here, how you found me, and why I kept coming back for more. The three puzzle pieces of the NMS are very interesting and make a lot of sense. I especially like the marketing strategy of using... [Read more...]

Level 3

I really enjoyed the meeting and yes Mark touched all the areas I was having trouble with. Yes I will be heading to Tusla Ok. For a weld test, I was wondering if I was going backwards again. I just recently received a phone call to show up for a weld test at Tulsa Welding School for a top pipeline company in North America. So I will be loving my job.... [Read more...]

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