Thursday, November 23, 2017

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 3 Meeting

Level 03 Meeting Integration

Thank you Mark! Timing of the marketing secrets was impeccable. Marketing has never been a strength of mine. I am trying to get a program together to expand my business, and received proofs to review shortly after the Level 03 meeting. I did a lot of re-write applying these principles and look forward to improved results. I still have a lot of work... [Read more...]


Hi Mark I just could not wait for my next lesson. I thought I would never get it. I was so happy when I did get it. I started listening and boy did the light bulb ever turn on. I got my FNE finally. Thanks Mark. I had seen other with a picture of a light bulb over their head but never me. This time I could see my own light bulb. My FNE was always there... [Read more...]

Neothink Marketing

Thank you for revealing the Neothink marketing secrets. Marketing seems to move so fast, we are always chasing the next big thing. The Neothink marketing secrets are great reminders that effective marketing is not just having the latest and greatest, it’s about creating value and having common denominators with customers. There is a tried and... [Read more...]

Level 03 Remarks

Thanks, I look forward to upcoming events as Neotech goes public.  Read More →

Millie Toenyan Level Three

Hi I just finished listening to the level three meeting. There is so much to study again. I am a now 84 retired person and wonder how and what will I be doing in all of this. I was just sitting and relaxing and thinking about the all I have learned. I guess it was the Ten second miracles when all of a sudden I felt like a small door was opening in my... [Read more...]

CEO – The Parker Group

We are begining to incorporate the Neothink Marketing Secrets as we set up our introduction meetings and recruiting plans. Our goal is to establish Neothink Clubhouses in our area.  Read More →

at age 83 retired.

Hi I just finished re listening to the third part of the meeting again. And have time now to finish this. I am retired as you know, so have not been getting out to much. But I have been concentrating on numbers. Last week I was going to vacuum the living room in out apartment. I walked in carrying the vacuum cleaner and the whole room lit up.... [Read more...]

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