Monday, February 20, 2017

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 3 Meeting

level three

hi there that was a great meeting I’m ready to jump in and start meeting with others. I’m off work rite now due to my knee money is low so I cant get into the web site rite now. I so want to ready to meet others. I live in Owensboro Kentucky where are the clubhouses close to me I would like to meet others and start thinking on changing the... [Read more...]


The information in my level 3 meeting was very refreshing, and I couldnt help but, think about my current situations in my personal life, with my finances and romances with my wife, and I can clearly see how the forces of nature and the NMS works from personal experience..  Read More →

PSW/Coach and Eldercare Provider

Hello I have been trying to review and re-read areas in my books. Neo tech 1 – 3 I am interested in joining the clubhouses and interacting with other members live. I work for the state/brokerage firm and take care of special needs adult women as this time so I can schedule my day. I am using the Neo Think mini day to organize, but find it difficult... [Read more...]

Application of NMS

Thank you Mark and NTS for choosing me. I now understand why. I am intrigued by NMS and its application to business in general. I am excited to adjust my current business marketing strategy to implement the appropriate forces of nature to see how such implementation will aid in increasing business volume. Thank you for providing me and so many others... [Read more...]

new neo-tech world!

I am very excited to know how neo-tech found me and to know the stuff I thought all my life was true, just like in the matrix movies! And I cannot wait to see where I can help take this decaying anti-civilization world to with the new neo-tech world! Just like in the matrix! Very exciting and very proud to be a part of this neo-tech (Matrix) new world... [Read more...]

Level 3 Intergration Interpretation

The more I READ THE MORE I realize why I have always been a WHAT IF mentality. I have not listen or read the news for 3 years. After the election I realized why. Way to many people who want to depend upon .career politicians take care of them. What they don’t realize they only think of us as Guinea Pigs. I could start with the Vietnam ”... [Read more...]

level 3

I am very pleased to read of Forces of Nature and Child of the Universe. These are compelling ways to appeal to the reader, or person you are trying to reach… and yes they were effective in getting my initial interest in joining the Neo-Think Society. There it is, boom… I myself am the most important example of how this works and I already... [Read more...]

Welcome to Your Level 3 Meeting Integrations.

Hi! My name is Michael.

I am your assigned Senior Mentor for this level.

I am here to assist you with any questions you may have during this level of your journey with Mark Hamilton.

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