Friday, October 21, 2016

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 3 Meeting

Powerful Tools

So these tools as outlined by MH, Common Denominators, Forces of Nature and Forces of Neotech when snapped together create an unbeatable force to achieve whatever the goal is, not limited just to business?  Read More →


Quite an interesting level indeed ! But the idea of Forces of Nature is already used a lot in modern advertising technics, as to put a beautiful girl on a new body car to sell mainstream ! What is new in it ? Also, as asked before, without any reply till this day, what is the link between the secret group of the Illuminati and the Neo-Think society... [Read more...]

Discovering how real the NeoTech vision is

Hello, i have reached this level before, a few years ago. however, it did not impact me like it does now. Maybe i am really starting to integrate better. i have been through some serious changes the last few years, and I am “waking up” to reality. I can see now how important this work is, and also how lucrative it could be. The lessons I... [Read more...]

the BIG picture

Hi Everyone, I must once again thank Mark Hamilton and all the people who run this monster dream machine! Has anyone else just sat for a moment and thought about how much effort and integration, interaction, organization, selflessness, support and love it takes to build something this dope! But, I digress…until I had the big picture, (and quite... [Read more...]

Thoughts about Level 3

Learning about the NMS answered for myself and others the question about our selection to be invited into the society…thank you Mark. Regarding the forces of nature, I see the concept of leveraging those forces to pique interest in exploring Neothink. We need to relate with others on terms they understand. The value we create promoting the society... [Read more...]

Integrations from Secret Mentor Meeting Level 3

Thank you for this brilliant lesson about the Neo-Tech Marketing Secrets. I am always awe struck by the genius in the Neothink literature. The identification of the common denominator of our infant Zon’s combined with the clever, honest, and appropriate weaving of Forces of Nature with Forces of Neothink to captivate the attention of seekers... [Read more...]


This is the first time on the internet so please bear with me . I am a female 65 years old disababled and on Soc.Sec. how do I find my F.N.E.? I am married and a grandmother. I just can”t seem to find my friday night essess. can you help?  Read More →

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