Monday, September 25, 2017

Recent Integrations - Mark Hamilton's Level 3 Meeting

CEO – The Parker Group

We are begining to incorporate the Neothink Marketing Secrets as we set up our introduction meetings and recruiting plans. Our goal is to establish Neothink Clubhouses in our area.  Read More →

at age 83 retired.

Hi I just finished re listening to the third part of the meeting again. And have time now to finish this. I am retired as you know, so have not been getting out to much. But I have been concentrating on numbers. Last week I was going to vacuum the living room in out apartment. I walked in carrying the vacuum cleaner and the whole room lit up.... [Read more...]

My 3rd level meeting thoughts!

Hello Mark!😍 I understand your marketing platform. I have saved everything that I received in the mail from you and will use them as a “marketing template” when I’m ready to market! I also feel you used your “pyschic team” to assist in finding the ” seekers” along with profiling special mailing lists... [Read more...]

3rd level integrations

I grasp the concept of the inner child being how you decided whom to contact with this information, but, it seems to be that you must have used the shot-gun approach concerning who to send the teaser letters to in order to locate who might be interested enough to respond to your initial contact. My primary question about that might be, what mailing... [Read more...]


Interesting. Looking forward to the next. One  Read More →


I am so excited about this opportunity mark give us in this level. That was a very interesting meeting. I found out why I was selected and about the Child Zon of the past within us in inside us that is yearning for more. The three puzzle pieces make sense when used together. Understanding the forces of nature and how it effects us is greatly important.... [Read more...]

Pixelpistol Graphics LLC

my little experience on the web, marketing this and that with very little to show for it other then the smile for an ROI. it was also a journey that integrated like puzzle pieces into a concept of a changing world at a turning point in time., and confronted the old standards of authority of education and belief that was still ingrained within my... [Read more...]

Welcome to Your Level 3 Meeting Integrations.

Hi! My name is Michael.

I am your assigned Senior Mentor for this level.

I am here to assist you with any questions you may have during this level of your journey with Mark Hamilton.

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