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October 20, 2017 by Roy Evans  
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Hi Mark
I just could not wait for my next lesson. I thought I would never get it. I was so happy when I did get it. I started listening and boy did the light bulb ever turn on. I got my FNE finally. Thanks Mark. I had seen other with a picture of a light bulb over their head but never me. This time I could see my own light bulb. My FNE was always there I just did not see it till I started this lesson. Now I know for sure what it is and I enjoy it. Neo-Think is my FNE. I just had not thought of it that way. As I have told you before it has always been a part of me from the time I was a child. I just never knew what it was. I have always thought of the things you talked about but just never could bring it all out. Thanks for getting me here to this point where I know more about what I have been thinking for so long.
Also the call I was on last night {10-19-2017} they were talking about a grandmother that always said that she wanted to live for ever. Well that hit home with me also. I have alway said”I am going to live forever and never die.” When I say that my family and friends laugh at me all the time but I still go right on saying it. I really do believe I will and with all this I know now it will be possible.
Thanks Again Mark.

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