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Level 3 integration

January 13, 2018 by William C.  
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Very nice! Thank you for that information. I really enjoyed this one, as it seemed to pull together a lot of pieces in one full sweep, i.e., real reason i’m here, how you found me, and why I kept coming back for more. The three puzzle pieces of the NMS are very interesting and make a lot of sense. I especially like the marketing strategy of using the inner child, ( C of U), together with the force of nature to bring it home.
I look forward to viewing this lesson again and re-reading visions 3,4 and 9, as mentioned in this lesson, in order to prepared for level 4. And I’m excited to find out about the marketing campaign. Thanks again to all who have devoted their time!

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One Response to “Level 3 integration”
  1. I am going to review visions 3,4 and 9 as I believe they pertain to the questions I was attempting to type. My questions were how did the Neothink Society learn about me and was I referred by individuals known to me? It is
    obvious that Mark Hamilton knows a lot about me and I believe some of the
    information possibly came from individuals from the University of Oklahome.
    Boomer Sooner!

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