Sunday, February 18, 2018

Level 3

January 17, 2018 by Jesse B. III  
Filed under Integrations

M.H. I just finished with level 3 meeting’s. Couldn’t find my Friday Night essence. Until the other day, it just came to my mind. I received a call from Tulsa welding School. A company is doing a welding Test, if all goes well it could lead to my Friday Night essence. Plus my passion is welding I love it. So thank you Mark for helping me. Been in a rut and not getting any better. I lost my job. So yeah I really needed to hear that phone call. So I just pray for the better now. Thanks yes I do the teleseminars as well. I feel im changing for the better. Also just about finished with the second heirloom. Yes that to is helping me through this anti civilization. It’s hard sometimes but I go back to the second heirloom that really brings clarity. So thanks

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