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at age 83 retired.

August 31, 2017 by Milllie Toenyan  
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Hi I just finished re listening to the third part of the meeting again. And have time now to finish this. I am retired as you know, so have not been getting out to much. But I have been concentrating on numbers. Last week I was going to vacuum the living room in out apartment. I walked in carrying the vacuum cleaner and the whole room lit up. I understood in a second that I was to vacuum in a different way. I started in a different corner of the room and the whole thing took me less time to vacuum, including moving furniture. My sister has a huge Doll house she is decorating as a hobby, The doll House is huge and then she has boxes of supplies and furniture there also. All of that did not even seem like a problem.

I fell a few months ago and cracked a bone in my right shoulder. I had to wait for that to heal. So now I am going to Physical Therapy two days a week to get the range of motion back in my right arm. It takes time.

I ordered and received Neo Tech. I stayed up nights reading, I just could not put it down. I have finished read and have started over.
I want to share one other thing. Years ago I do not remember how long, I was standing out side near a tree and thinking how beautiful this planet Earth is. I was even thinking I would love to live on it forever….Was that my child within? I know that I am a walking Spirit. Mildred was forced to live in a convent, which she hated, she wanted to get married and have a family. So I think we got in touch and after a time I took over her body. The only person who has noticed the difference is the sister I am living with. Not one of the nuns ever noticed the difference neither I of did her parents or other brothers and sisters. Sometimes I wonder where I came from to take over for her.

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  1. Jim Cook says:

    Very interesting.I see how this marketing has worked on me.I could not leave an integration.I could not get through the captcha.Not sure if it’s me or the computer I’m using

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