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3rd level integrations

July 19, 2017 by Gary B.  
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I grasp the concept of the inner child being how you decided whom to contact with this information, but, it seems to be that you must have used the shot-gun approach concerning who to send the teaser letters to in order to locate who might be interested enough to respond to your initial contact. My primary question about that might be, what mailing lists were used to decide to whom you wanted to send your original contact letters? Surely you did not, using some proprietary software of one sort or another, create dossiers of every person on the planet in order to decide whom you might wish to contact and offer access to your secrets to. What sort of filtering system was employed to narrow down a list or approximately 7.5 billion people into a list that was used to contact those you did, whose inner Zon child was searching for neo-tech? You provided a brief overview that, to me, does not really answer the question, “why did you choose me?” sure, you said you found (how did you decide who to contact in the hopes of finding?) people who’s inner zon child was searching for more, what parameters were used to decide who to try first, second and so forth?

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  1. Shelley Wright says:

    Hi there! Everything that you talk about makes perfect sense to me. I am so excited to be part of this. I find myself daydreaming about the C of U constantly & putting everything in my life through the filter of Neothink. I found my FNE in 2009 & my life has turned into something amazing. However, with Neothink, it’s about to get a whole lot more interesting! I have been faced with so many challenges lately. Some would have given up & given in & gone back to a stagnant life & a false sense of security in a specialized job. Not me. I know that I have it within me to overcome anything & have the life I always dreamed of.

    BTW, I couldn’t watch Parts 2&3 or the discussion after. I kept getting a message that said this video can’t be played with your current setup. I just read Forbidden Revelation instead.

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